Arcadia Paper

Arcadia Paper is a brand of synthetic paper for use with ID cards and is one of the industry standard choices for creating highly professional looking cards. Here we will look at the advantages of Arcadia Paper and at how it helps with the creation of effective ID badges.  You can find Arcadia Paper at IDCardKits

Creating ID Badges

For any business, an ID badge can be a great way to increase security while at the same time making your organization look more professional. ID cards can be given to visitors or staff, or you might use the same tools to create loyalty cards and membership cards.

Creating an ID badge is relatively easy. All you need is the right paper or card and from there it’s a case of laminating the paper with a butterfly pouch to give it that professional looking sheen as well as helping it to be more water resistant and resilient.

The paper then is the starting point and that’s where Arcadia paper comes in.

What is Special About Arcadia Paper?

Unlike the regular printer paper you might have in your home or office, Arcadia paper is specifically designed to be used in ID cards and there are several things that are different about it when compared with other types of paper.

For starters, this synthetic paper is more resilient than many other types of paper and as such won’t tear as easily and won’t run as easily when it gets wet. This provides a better ROI when ordering your paper as you won’t need to keep re-printing damaged ID cards. At the same time, it ensures that your ID cards are always going to provide the best impression for your business – rather than looking faded, tattered and damaged.

Arcadia paper also makes your ID cards look more professional to begin with. That’s because this paper is less absorbent, allowing ink to sit on top and dry quickly. The result is an image that is incredibly crisp and high definition, rather than one with lots of ink bleeding into the sheet. Again, this is what makes an ID card look professional.

Using Arcadia Paper

Another great thing about Arcadia paper is that it can be used with any regular type of printer – whether that be inkjet or laser. Many companies though will choose to use ID card printers from companies like Fargo, which have additionally useful features.

Arcadia paper can also be bought with ‘punch outs’ making it easier to quickly create cards of a specific size and quantity.